About us


Restricted Underground Clothing is a highly exclusive independent streetwear brand for people with strong attitude and a love for fresh and aggressive design.

Restricted Print

Restricted Underground provides high quality clothing for streetwear enthusiasts and collector with creative design and graphic prints in small quantities. 

We want everybody who owns a piece from our brand to feel a deep connection with our brand and our message. We don't see ourselves as pure provider of fashion, we see our brand more as a collective of open minded people with a love for creative clothing.  

Our headquarters are located in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria and despite we are globally available our main area is in Central Europe. 

We created our first full collection in 2015 and since then we grow our brand constantly and welcome more and more members to the Restricted Underground.

If you have requests or questions you can contact us by on our Facebook Page any time or drop us a mail at zenshi@restricted-underground.com 

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